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Friction Rock Anchors (Split Sets)

Friction stabilisers – Split sets are made from high tensile (SUPRAFORM MC 420) high-graded steel that is roll-formed into a tubular section containing a continuous longitudinal opening along the length of the tube.

Galvanized JUMBO Mining Mesh

G.E.E – Manufactures & Supplies Welded Mesh to be used for permanent surface coverage in any excavation in underground mining operations. This further improves safety underground for mining crews…

Combination Washers

G.E.E – Bearing plates (Washers) are used with rock anchor installations to provide areal support and load distribution to the rock surface in the vicinity of the installation. They differ in their surface profile, thickness and…

G.E.E– W – Straps & Bearing Plates

  • 4m x 300mm x 1.6mm (5 x 49mm holes) Galv & black
  • 150mm x 150mm x 4mm & 4.5mm DDE Washer – Galv & Black

Cable Anchors

Available in all required lengths and specifications.

Osro Straps / Tendon Straps

Oslo Straps are used to improve surface support between Roof Bolts or Rock Anchors where there is fractured / friable ground. They are also used to strengthen and support Pillars and Haulage.

Pinch Bars

Standard duty, Heavy-duty, Extra heavy-duty and steel Pinch Bars are available in all sizes and specifications to requirements for underground barring.

Spinning adaptors & Driving Tools


Driving Tools (Dolly Pushers)


G.E.E Paddled resin Bolt is a solid reinforcing Bar for use in strata conditions of Underground Mines. The design includes the mixing paddles to ensure perfect mixing of the resin capsule components.