Combination Washers (G.E.E Combi Washer)


G.E.E – Bearing plates (Washers) are used with rock anchor installations to provide areal support and load distribution to the rock surface in the vicinity of the installation. Bearing plates differ in their surface profile, material thickness and size, as well as hole diameter.

The Combination Washer Specification:

300mm x 280mm x1.6mm W -Bottom Plate C/W 125mm square DDE Bearing Plate

                                                                              150mm square DDE Bearing Plate

Defused together.

NON – Galvanised or Hot dipped Galvanised

W-Plate Combination Washer Galv

Defused Together

Crate Bundles of 100 units & 150 units – OR – bulk in 600 units per pallet 

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