Galvanized JUMBO Mining Mesh – Introduction


G.E.E – Manufactures & Supplies Welded Mesh to be used for permanent surface coverage in any excavation in underground mining operations. The mesh can be installed together with Roof bolts or Split sets, or any other support in conjunction with Combination Washers to protect the excavation and to prevent Falls of Ground (loose rocks) between installed support. This further improves safety underground for mining crews and provides protection to underground machinery and equipment. Jumbo Mining Mesh can be overlapped (20cm) to provide continuous surface coverage of the total excavation.

All mesh supplied by GEE is produced according to strict set quality standards to ensure the product meets the underground mining safety specification requirements.

Sizes range from 1M up to 4.5M in length and 1m up to a limit of 2.4m in Width.

Wire Gauge: 5.6mm and 4mm

GEE Combination Jumbo (Blast On) Mesh is also available with 5.6mm Diameter Main Wire together with 4mm Diameter Cross Wires. Cost-saving option.

Galvanised and Non-Galvanised.

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